What is Polser AMB?

Polser AMB Polser AMB Polser A.Ş.

C18 is a long molecule like a positively charged glass sword. There are 10,000 pieces of these swords on each surface area of 1 mm2.

Polser AMB is a broad spectrum, antimicrobial material synthesized under controlled reaction conditions, with high purity and low molecular weight and containing reactive silanol groups.

Reactive silanol groups in Polser AMB form a permanent surface coating, in other words a molecular barrier, where Polser AMB is applied as described below.

Polser AMB reacts to form covalent bonds with functional groups that exist on composite flat sheets.

They are then homopolymerized to form high molecular weight polymer. Polser AMB builds strong hydrogen bonds with the surface of composite flat plates.

Polser AMB Antimicrobial Technology;

  • Is fully licensed and registered by Turkey and the European Union. It is under patent protection.
  • Connects to the product and battle with the microbes contaminates on the surface.
  • Chemical activity provides covalent adhesion to the surface. It therefore creates a permanent antimicrobial surface that does not detach from the surface.
  • Is thermally stable. It is non-toxic and does not contain cancerogenic substances.
  • Quickly and physically kills the outer membrane of the cell by piercing it. This completely eliminates the risks of microorganism mutation, adaptation and resistance.
  • Has a broad killing spectrum; Bacteria (gram positive), Staphylococcus aureus, Bacteria (gram negative), Salmonella, Typhosa, Yeast, Moss, fungus, spores (B. cereus), Viruses.


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