Polser AMB is recognized and used by more companies day by day. Polser AMB is a highly preferred hygienic sheet and hygienic panel coating technology used in food, health and automotive industries to create Cold Chain. Polser FRP can be applied and used on all of the panel products.

Companies that preferred Polser AMB in food industry:
  • Pınar Meat Plants
  • Gür-Süt Milk Production Plant
  • Ünal Cheese Production Plant
  • Ekici Milk Products
  • Osman Halıcı Milk Products
  • Olca Tomato Paste
  • Kağanlar Food
  • Ankara Foot-and-Mouth Disease Institute
  • Salihli Mezbahası
  • Sağlamlar Fishery
  • Anıl Seafood
  • Coca Cola
  • Uludağ Soft Drinks (Erbak)
  • Şeker Chicken Products
  • Medmar Salt
  • Dimes Fruit Juice
  • BİM Market Chains
  • Oruçoğlu
  • Mega Oil
  • Zumdieck
  • Nişancılar Farm
  • Burdur Sugar Mill
  • Kiler Supermarkets

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